Project Background

In the wake of COVID-19, we want to develop an action plan for economic recovery and community resiliency that is bold, aspirational, and rooted in our shared vision and capabilities.

As Orcas enters summer under phase 2 of the Governor’s reopening plan, it is clear that the impact of COVID-19 is deep and lasting and will continue to result in major disruption to our economy, our education system, and our community. What does the future look like? How can we create a more resilient economy? How can we grow out of this crisis a stronger, more engaged, healthier, and powerfully resilient community?

This is a time of possibility. The Orcas Island Community Foundation and the Community Emergency Response Advisory team are launching the Orcas Economic Recovery and Resiliency Project.


Between July 6 and 16th , eighteen ‘virtual’ community meetings were held to surface ideas on how Orcas can move through the Covid-19 pandemic and emerge more resilient.  Over 200 community members participated and shared their ideas and vision for the future.  Those ideas are now being compiled and sifted (with input from the steering committee and work group members) to develop a series of goals that will frame the next steps in the process.  We will share that list once it is compiled.

To be able to do justice to the project, we slowed the process down.  Rather than push into another quick set of community meetings, we paused to catch our collective breath.  The next round of meetings will be announced in the fall. Those meetings will be focused on developing action plans focused on the selected goals.  We hope you will join us in those conversations. 


We are deeply grateful to the community members who stepped up to work as facilitators or provide technical support for this process so far and to the many who contributed their time and  insights into what we need for economic recovery and resiliency.  That we are a community that cares for each other once again shines through.

On this website, islanders can find information on this process, learn more about our facilitators and working group members and review community resources and updates from these meetings.

Advisory Committee Video

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