Economic Recovery and Resiliency Project


Creating a resilient Orcas for all

In the wake of COVID-19, we want to develop an action plan for economic recovery and community resiliency that is bold, aspirational, and rooted in our shared vision and capabilities.



The Orcas Economic Recovery and Resiliency project continues.  This Fall and Winter, we will move into a new phase of the effort, focused on the key areas identified during this past summers’ conversations.  Those areas are outlined in the progress report which can be accessed here (or aquí).  Thank you to Lisa Fossen and John Vechey for the good work formatting and to Haley Cruz Winchell and Griselda Cruz Gonzalez for the translation en español.  


Over the next month we will form work groups which will set goals and a plan to prioritize ideas and move these bullet points into reality.  We encourage you to join one of the six interest groups by emailing the contact(s) listed below.  Please bring your skills, passion and any amount of time you can offer, joining others in working toward a better tomorrow.


Inclusion and Anti-Racism- Kevin Carter (, Berto Gandara ( and Maddie Olsen (


Diversify Local Economy and Increase Autonomy- Kevin Ranker ( and Jared Lovejoy (


Homes for All- Lisa Byers ( and Cory Harrington ( (First meeting--Monday, Nov. 23rd from noon to 1 p.m. Contact Lisa or Cory for zoom link)


Health and Well-Being- Holly Southern ( and Erin O’Dell (


Support for Children and Families- Brian Moss ( and Haley Cruz Winchell (


Community Care-Holly Southern (


Please Share Widely: both the report and the call for participants for the action committees.

Thank you for staying engaged and involved. 


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Your support and engagement is crucial to the success of this project.


Join us for community meetings held throughout the fall by emailing the contacts above and tracking the Google Calendar below. 

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